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pexels photo 887349 e1663722976142 - There, I Said It!

Romantic Love. Is it Real?

Does anyone do romance anymore? Now, I'm not talking about reading romance novels. Yes, that's…

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pexels photo 8910056 e1663605730297 - There, I Said It!

Ten Lessons I’ve Learned About Cooking

The truth is, I'm not a great cook. I'm not even skilled at manning the…

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mount rushmore monument landmark scenic e1659308799585 - There, I Said It!

Afraid of Open Spaces?

It's odd, but when you grow up in an urban setting like New York City,…

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pexels photo 883362 e1657136217838 - There, I Said It!

What Are You Wearing?

Times have certainly changed since the days of our parents. We've all become much more…

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ladybugs ladybirds bugs insects 144243 e1656621698190 - There, I Said It!

Where Are All These Bugs Coming From?

When you grow up in an NYC apartment building, you learn to cope with bugs.…

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pexels ready made 3987333 sneakers scaled e1640361092668 - There, I Said It!

Why Are My Sneakers Squeaking?

I hate going shopping. Just hate it. And so when my toe started to peek…

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pexels nishizuka 191353 scaled e1644635180391 - There, I Said It!

Would Covid Make a Great Dog Name?

I've been wondering, does anyone in the United States (or for that matter anywhere) have…

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